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The PARPA: Towards achieving results

(An epistemological reflection on a burning issue)

Josй Negrгo
Professor of Development Economics at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique.

Maputo, May 2002

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Table of Contents
1.   What is the 'PARPA' ?
2.   The ‘PARPA’ and the HIPC2
3.   In the realm of political economy
4.   Conditionalities
  4.1 First conditionality
  4.2 Second conditionality
  4.3 Third conditionality
  4.4 Fourth conditionality
5.   So it will not produce results!
6.   Great strategic options
  6.1 First strategic option
  6.2 Second strategic option
  6.3 Third strategic option
  6.4 Fourth strategic option
  6.5 Fifth strategic option
7.   Other initiatives
8.   Towards results
  8.1 In the theoretical field
  8.2 In the analytical field
  8.3 In the normative field

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