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Report on FAO/SARPN Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Land

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This report, along with the studies and testimonies presented at the workshop, represent work in progress aimed at focusing attention and action on the neglected area of the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on rural livelihoods, particularly on land tenure, rights and use. The aim is to stimulate effective policy development and action in the region.

SARPN welcomes any comments on the report or suggestions for further research or action. These can be sent to us through the SARPN website: , by email to or by post to Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN), Human Sciences Research Council, Private Bag x 41, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa.

Table of Contents
1.   Executive summary
2.   Introduction
3.   Theoretical Considerations
   3.1. Achieving policy change
4.   Methodology
   4.1. Lesotho
   4.2. Kenya
   4.3. Malawi
   4.4. South Africa
   4.5. Uganda
   4.6. Methodological issues
5.   Findings
   5.1. Livelihoods
   5.2. Land use
   5.3. Land tenure /rights
   5.4. Land policy and administration
   5.5. Gender / age
   5.6. Community support
6.   Policy Issues
   6.1. Livelihoods
   6.2. Land Use
   6.3. Land tenure / rights
   6.4. Land policy and administration
   6.5. Gender and age
   6.6. Community / local support structures
7.   What next?

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